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Benefits of Medicinal Plants of Garlic for Healing.

Benefits of Medicinal Plants of Garlic for Healing.

In the previous article we have discussed about the benefits of turmeric medicinal plants that are very beneficial for various healing processes both outside and inside the human body, turmeric is easy to obtain, and even very easy to plant in your home yard, but this time. We are no longer discussing turmeric but now we will discuss more about garlic medicinal plants and its benefits for healing, but before we discuss more about healing herbal garlic we should know in advance that plants that have latin name (Allium sativum L) is Not originated from Indonesia although from the first this plant including a very famous plant, the characteristic of this plant is a stinging smell and has a striking white color.

In Korea, this plant is the main menu and should be present in any form of food presentation and is usually eaten raw or made as seasoning ingredients for cooking, so is the explanation of the benefits of garlic.

Not infrequently this garlic plant is used as herbal medicine while the benefits of this plant itself is as follows,

Benefits of Medicinal Plants of Garlic for Healing.
Benefits of Medicinal Plants of Garlic for Healing.

1. Efficacious treat cough and sputum thinning by eating directly.
2. Lower high blood pressure by taking two cloves of garlic then broke until smooth and then brewed with half a glass of hot water, please drink twice in one day.
3. For the fertility of a pregnant woman, by mixing this garlic in each of your dishes.
4. Treating colic.
5. The antidote in the body
6. Clean the blood
7. As a worm medicine
8. Gastric disease, scientific research from Germany in 1931 by Fusaganger and Becher found that garlic is good for the treatment of gastric disease.
9. Relieves headaches
10. Slows down aging
11. Itching on the skin
12. As an influenza antivirus
13. As a yellow medicine, the way is to prepare garlic, a piece of brown sugar for chicken eggs, brown sugar in crushed with garlic then boiled with 3 cups water to boiling, mix well and then filtered. Drink 2 times a day as much as two tablespoons.
14. For wound healing, the way is burned garlic bulbs then dip into coconut oil and finely mashed. Apply to your wound. In ancient times the British state in World War II used tons of garlic to heal wounded soldiers during the war.

Benefits of Medicinal Plants of Garlic for Healing.
Benefits of Medicinal Plants of Garlic for Healing.

Well .. the following will explain the tips of taking herbal medicinal garlic.

To consume garlic sebanarnya quite practical, just destroyed or directly consumed by peeling the skin first. For the unusual to do it may be a bit heavy to do this way but if it is used then it will not be a problem, the advantages of garlic deficiency is the stinging smell and the taste is not good when consumed directly, but even so garlic Save a lot of benefits that are very beneficial for your health especially for those who do not want to have a worm in the stomach naughty.

The next tips is to sliced ​​thin garlic-tips and then in consumption to be easily swallowed or by mixed into the food you will consume.

Ok buddy .. that's some tips and benefits of taking herbal medicinal garlic is expected to be useful for you and hopefully healthy always with you. Thank you for your time.

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