Benefits of Red Ginger For Treatment and How to Make It

Benefits of Red Ginger For Treatment and How to Make It

Ginger plants that have a Latin name (Zingiber Officinale Rosc) are known by China and India as medicines and spices as well as in other countries including Indonesia, there are several types or clones of ginger, ginger plants grow upright and cultivate, have pseudo - Consisted From leaflets, rounded slender, rounded rounded leaves with pointy and green tips.

Ginger also has a different type, there are named ginger elephant, white ginger, red ginger, and what distinguishes this ginger is the color, shape or size and aroma.

Then let us see the benefits of ginger and for those of you who do not really know about the benefits of this medicinal plant ginger and explanation!

Benefits of Red Ginger For Treatment and How to Make It
Benefits of Red Ginger For Treatment and How to Make It
1. Treating a fever, done with a ginger rhizome thumb cleaned then boiled for 30 minutes with two glasses of water and mixed with a little sugar palm, strain and drink while still warm.

2. Hot fever, a way to not drink or eat, simply by applying hot water and placed on the palms of your hands or feet until it feels warm.

3. Rheumatic drugs, how to spruce red ginger and smeared on the body that experience rheumatism to feel warm.

4. Smooth blood flow, a way that is not much different from the treatment of rheumatic diseases, just mashed and then smeared on the body that feels less comfortable.

5. Warm body, how to make a ginger drink or consumed directly.

6. Stamina increases, the way is made into juice or ginger drink

7. For skin wounds on the skin, the way is applied to the fabric on the body that feels pain.

8. Maintain strength, how to give 2 rhizome ginger, 1 lime, chicken egg, 1 teaspoon ground coffee, one tablespoon soy sauce, one tablespoon honey, and a little pepper. Wash ginger rhizome, grate and squeeze with a glass of water that is ripe and tense. Separate and squeeze the lemon juice and mix it with other ingredients, taken once a week.

9. sprain, how to eat 5 ginger rhizome and one ripe fruit. Wash ginger and grated then mix with acid until smooth then apply on the pain.

10. Headache, tearing way and then applied on the forehead and behind your neck.

11. Snake bite, road with crushed and mixed with salt then smeared bites.

Benefits of Red Ginger For Treatment and How to Make It
Benefits of Red Ginger For Treatment and How to Make It

As for other ways of treatment outside your body are:

- Ginger rhizome in mash until smooth
- Add or mix with oil to taste.
- Apply to the body part that feels pain or injury, be it rheumatism, fever, pain and others.

This kitchen pharmacy is proven to have very good properties, has many benefits and this plant is also easily cultivated in your home page. Currently, this plant is also in the process of processing already many who use and make it into pills in the form of herbs or powders and some other techniques that are created from today's sophisticated technology, practical to enjoy and of course have good benefits. for you.

That is a brief explanation of the efficacy of this ginger rhizome, may be useful and thanks for your time. Good luck

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