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The Benefits of Tomato Fruit As A Traditional Kitchen Pharmacy

The Benefits of Tomato Fruit As A Traditional Kitchen Pharmacy

Greetings healthy and how are you, this time we will discuss about the traditional tomato medicinal plants complete with the benefits and ways of processing it, but before we discuss it further, we must first know that tomatoes are known as herbs seasoning, this fruit is a big family Solanaceae) with the Latin name (Lycopersicum Karsten), this fruit is found or cultivated in a mountainous area of soil containing sand and loose elements with an altitude of about 100-2500 meters above sea level. The leaves are finned, flowers are like the shape of a star, the fruit is flat round, yellow or reddish yellow when it is ripe.

The chemical content of tomatoes contains the ingredients: Citric Acid Malic Acid, Adenine, Trigonelin, Choline, Tomatin, Carotene, Protein, Calcium, (Ca), Phosphorus (p), Iron (Fe), Sulfur (S) ,. It contains substance: Pectin, Arbuntin, Amigdlin and Akaloid.

The Benefits of Tomato Fruit As A Traditional Kitchen Pharmacy
Overview of this fruit is not so calculated as drugs because it is better known as food in housewives, but it turns out the tomato vitamin content is very much and beneficial for health, especially to get vitamin A and vitamin C. to get the benefits of this fruit well, then the maximum in one fruit we must choose a good fruit, not rotten and bright red.

Another advantage of this fruit is its water content is a lot, therefore the plant should be planted above 900 M above sea level with enough water. Low temperature conditions but that does not mean this plant likes a place that often rains, even this plant is very sensitive to water because this plant can quickly rot.

Here are the benefits of tomatoes:

- Keep your eyes healthy
- Prevent canker sores, internal heat and bad breath
- Keep skin fresh and slow to aging
- Streamlining digestion
- Clean the blood
- As an anti-biotic drug for the skin
- For sunburned skin by squeezing and smearing the burned skin.
- Dry hemorrhoids by boiling tomatoes for 10 minutes with coconut oil, the stew of this material is filtered with a cloth and then applied to the affected hemorrhoids.
- Appendicitis, jaundice, how to make tomato juice and eat it regularly
- Cleaning and eliminating Acne, how to cut cooked tomatoes into sections then applied to the affected face of acne and do regularly 2-3 times a day.
- Treat fever with 3 tomatoes in a clean place then cut, then squeezed for juice with 1/2 cup boiled water and one tablespoon of honey, squeeze and strain and drink three times a day.

The Benefits of Tomato Fruit As A Traditional Kitchen Pharmacy
Although it only contains lots of vitamins A and C but this plant has many benefits for the healing process in our body. This fruit can be directly consumed, can also be cooked first and even with poached, vitamins in the fruit will not be lost then it will not reduce the nutritional value.

In addition to the way eaten directly and boiled, can also be made into tomato juice, so much better it can be mixed with ice and sugar will be more fresh and delicious to be enjoyed especially if the atmosphere is rather hot day. .

ok buddy that some tips, benefits and how to process a kitchen pharmacy for tomatoes can be useful for all of you and hopefully get well from the disease that is in you, good luck.