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Oriflame Sweden with his latest Product

Oriflame Sweden with his latest Product

Sourced from Oriflame Catalog On Ladder 1 May 2017 Together with Oriflame Sweden, re-released a catalog that offers the latest range of excellent products that are prepared to pamper you, there are some products that come from inspiration from different cities in the world. Produce well-known and best quality products presented to you beauty lovers.

There are 5 excellent and quality products and products are:

- Giordani Gold
- Eclat Femme
- The one
- Milk & Golden Honey
- Eleo

The following information about the product.

Oriflame Sweden with his latest Product
Giordani Gold
1. Gold Giordani

The Giordani product releases the full set of facial makeup from Giordani Length Mascara, Giordani Age Defying Foundation SPF 8 and Giordani Sheer Powder SPF 15 inspired by the classic elegance of Rome amid architectural marvels with breathtaking works and delicious, exquisite culinary aromas. The Italian city together With it all the Giordani gold comes ready to make you as beautiful as the sensation of the Italian city of Rome.

Oriflame Sweden with his latest Product
Eclat Femme

2. Eclat Femme

Who does not know the city of paris, with all the magic and beauty that is ready to pamper your eyes, along with it Oriflame inspired and released a product called Eclat Femme Weekend with two types of Eclat Femme Farfumed Body Spray and Eclat Femme. Eau de Toilette Ready to beautify and pamper you to be more enchanting and much more in your holiday full of impression

Oriflame Sweden with his latest Product
The One

3. The One

Beautifully styled with The One Color Match Eye Shadow Duo, The One Lip Sensation Matte Mousse and The One Kohl Eye Pencil. This product is developed with a variety of exciting color features inspired by the beautiful city full of style, yes .. London City is the inspiration to break your creative boundaries further, unlimited beauty dreams and make you more confident with the colorful side. The one. One Color Match The Eye Shadow Duo can be applied in two ways: wet and dry and can be used as an Eye Liner, while The One Lip Sensation Matte Mousse features Mousse textures, Matte finish, Full Color and One Kohl Eye. Pencil for inner eye line and suitable for sensitive eyes .. so .. what are you waiting for?

Oriflame Sweden with his latest Product
Milk & Honey

4. Milk & Golden Honey

Oriflame with Milk & Honey Gold products Offer 3 different products inspired by the beautiful beauty of Cairo's historic city of Cairo, a city that takes you through the beauty of the Nile River, the Pyramids, traditional markets and Queen's lasting charm. Cleopatra's loving beauty legend transforms into our Milk & Honey. 3 such products are Milk & Honey Moisturizing Moisture Gold Cream, Softening Liquid Hand and Smoothing Sugar Scrub.

Oriflame Sweden with his latest Product

5. Eleo

Dancing with Bali's breezy beach kuta Bali, let your hair unravel with Bali's breeze from the island of Bali which in turn revives the mood, treat your hair with Eleo. Eleo offers 4 of these products for you whose sensation is unquestionable and ready to pamper your hair while enjoying a cheerful and charming atmosphere and looks charming with Oriflame Eleo Product Dressing. The four products are the Eleo Conditioner which instantly nourishes the hair and unravels, the Eleo Shampoo prevents crack marks, hair care of Eleo Hair Mask for sparkling glow, and Eleo's Protective Oil for great nutrition while keeping the tip of the hair and hair shaft . . Request immediately this oriflame prosuk and distinguish your own sensation.

Note: Prepare your hair overnight before traveling by washing and moisturizing and do not forget to bring a comb in your bag for Touch Up.

So this short article Oriflame flagship product can be useful for you and for reservations please direct message to the webside address below. Id.oriflame.com

Source: Oriflame Sweden Catalog. Id open Id.oriflame.com