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How To Caring Oily Faces To Avoid From Wrinkles and Dull

How To Caring Oily Faces To Avoid From Wrinkles and Dull

Oily skin is a condition that allows a person to have acne problems on his face. Normally, the oily face condition occurs naturally. Shiny face condition due to oil is not desired by women, because facial beauty can be reduced because of it, also make woman difficult to dress up as she wants, because makeup will fade due to excess oil. Not to mention the problem of acne and blackheads that often appear to stain the graduation of the face, can even make the face becomes dull.

The oils in the facial skin come from the sebaceous glands that work excessively in producing oil or sebum so that oily skin is prone to cause skin problems like acne and blackheads. That's why having oily skin is often considered troublesome for most women.

How To Caring Oily Faces To Avoid From Wrinkles and Dull
How To Caring Oily Faces To Avoid From Wrinkles and Dull

1. Characteristics - Oily Skin Feature

The face is basically oily because in the skin there are oil glands that aims to avoid facial skin from exposure to excessive sunlight but if the oil is excessive face will also be negative for the face. Some characteristics of oily face are as follows:

- Skin has a high level of elasticity

The oil on the face does help the facial skin to remain soft and elastic and avoid wrinkles. However, if the amount of oil in the face is already excessive, of course, is not natural anymore and need to be treated.

- The face looks shiny on the forehead area, nose and chin.

Conditions like this can appear on the skin every day. After washing your face any clean and clean face will only last for a few hours and return to oily.

- The pores of the face look enlarged

When you look in the mirror, the facial pores appear large and open. This large pore is visible all over the face, not just in the T area. Sometimes it looks like an orange peel.

- Frequent acne and blackheads on the face

One result of oily skin is facial skin is prone to the problem of acne and blackheads, because the oil on the face can make the dirt quickly stick and close the pores - pores face.

- Facial conditions tend to be dull

If the face is always oily, the facial skin will look dull so the face does not look clean and shiny.

2. Causes Your Oily Skin Face

Oily skin can be caused by many factors. Some of them are due to factors:

Genetics (Genes or heredity factors)
Cosmetics (a Tool or beauty product)
Sleeping late
Hormonal (hormone factor)
Food (unsanitary)
Stress (a lot of thoughts)
Weather (circumstances of certain places)

3. Daily Treatment For Oily Faces

Taking care of an oily face can be called easy - difficult. It is said to be easy because basically oily skin does not require too much care and is said to be difficult because the treatment requires patience and should be treated regularly.

Some ways that can be done to treat oily skin, are as follows:

A. Use Special Face Cream for Treatment

Not only use special facial creams like moisturizers for dry and dull skin, moisturizing cream is also beneficial for oily face to maintain skin health and beauty. Before choosing to use a facial cream specifically intended for oily skin, you should consult a qualified dermatologist or dermatologist.

B. Wash your face quite twice a day

Avoid washing your face too often in the hope that the oil will decrease, it will trigger the production of more oil. Wash your face twice a day is enough. Wash the face to taste can also be a way to treat the face so as not to dull and acne.

C. Avoid Foods That Contain Many Oils

Loving foods that contain lots of oil also affects the oil condition on your face. Consume just enough to want fried foods so as not to make the face more oily.

D. Eating Dietary and Nutritious Foods

The skin needs good nutrition to keep it in shape. To maintain a balance of oil production in facial skin, you should get used to eat balanced nutritious foods to maintain the intake of nutrients for the skin such as vegetables and fruits.

E. Cleans Face Immediately After Cosmetic Use

Oily skin owners should clean their face immediately to avoid acne and blackheads, especially after using makeup or after a day of activity, because the oil on the skin potentially provoke dirt that accumulate in the skin or facial pores.

F. Use Sunscreen outside the room when the activity

Hot temperature lures the skin to produce excess oil to melindunsi moisture. Using a suitable sunscreen if going outdoors and in the hot sun is very important.

G.Drinking Water

White water is known to have many benefits good for facial skin. Eating water in the amount needed by the body is very good to balance if we like to eat oily food. Drinking plenty of water can also be a way of dealing with facial wrinkles naturally.

H. Do not Happen Using Face Pebersih

Use a welding cleanser that is suitable for your skin, so do not just choose a cleanser. If you need to consult a doctor or dermatologist and beauty regarding cleansers suitable for oily skin texture to avoid the danger of fake makeup supplies.

I. Do not Overly Use Make Up

Having oily skin can not wear thick makeup. For everyday use lightweight makeup. Avoid the use of foundation because it can clog the pores of the skin and difficult to clean. If necessary, can use BB Cream as a substitute for the foundation. Look for those specially formulated for oily skin.

4. Natural Treatment For Face Skin

In addition to the daily care that you routinely do, oily face can be treated naturally in the face by using a face mask made from natural ingredients. How to deal with oily face naturally with a facial mask there are many, including:
  • Cucumber
This one food is not only delicious made fresh vegetables, but also good for how to care for oily skin. The trick is quite simple, ie by crushing the cucumber until smooth and then used as a face mask for approximately 15 minutes. Benefits cucumber for the face of, among others, refreshing oily skin.
  • Lemon
Benefits of lemon for oily face that can reduce the oil content in the face, because it can lift blackheads, overcome acne and shrink pores. To use it, simply squeeze the lemon and apply water to your face using cotton. Allow to dry, then rinse. This method may cause a little sore on the skin, because it is not recommended to do it too often and do not do when there are cuts on the face.
  • Honey
The benefits of honey for a facial mask as an oily facial treatment is very good. Simply dab honey all over the face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with a towel soaked in warm water. In addition to the face, there is also the benefit of honey for the lips and the benefits of honey for hair.
  • Salt water
To treat an oily face, can use the benefits of brine for the face. This salt water is used to wash the face. When done regularly, the benefits of salt for the skin can reduce oil production in the skin. Salt water vapor can also be a way of eliminating blackheads naturally.

- Apple

In addition to the benefits of apples for hair health, there are also benefits for facial skin. Namely as a face mask. How to use it by smoothing apples to taste, then applied to the face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes then rinse.

- Celery leaves

In addition to the benefits of celery leaves for the hair and the benefits of celery leaves for thick eyebrows, there are also benefits of celery for the face that is used to wash the face. Way boiled celery leaves to taste, then use to wash your face after the cold. Leave to dry. Can be done every other day.

5. Advantages Have Oily Skin

- Slows the Aging Process

Wrinkles on the skin become a problem for most women. However, women who have oily skin also have an advantage if the skin of his face will not quickly experience wrinkles and signs of aging because the oil actually protects the facial moisture. Oily skin owner does not have to bother looking for ways to prevent premature aging of the skin.

- Avoid Dry and Scaly Skin

Oil on the face will make us avoid dry skin problems and looks scaly. The face will always be moist natural and not peel.

- Natural Damp Skin

Without the need to use all kinds of care products to moisten the face, oily skin owner already has a natural moist skin, derived from oil production on his face. This natural moisture makes the face look fresher than those with dry skin.

In fact, having oily skin is not only a disadvantage but also has Advantages, even you do not have to worry about the problem of premature aging or wrinkles. Therefore, all you have to do is take care of your oily skin well and do it regularly in order to enjoy the benefits and minimize the loss.

That's a calm explanation how to care for oily skin to avoid wrinkles and dull, hopefully there are benefits and dear for your attention. Good luck.