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Law and Consequences Decide the Brotherhood in Islam

Law and Consequences Decide the Brotherhood in Islam

Friends of Islam who inshaAllah in Rahmati Allah SWT.

Please note that the law breaks the bond is a haram of the law, as explained clearly in the Qur'an and the hadith of the Prophet, agreed upon qualified sahih, on this basis Imam ar-Rafi'I enter Qat'ur uterus (breaking the rope) into the one of the great sins (al-kabair).

No more sin is entitled to an immediate punishment rather than sanctioning silaurahmi. God will not accept the charity of a person who mutes the relationship. Such is the description of some of the hadiths of the Prophet. This description will be more gambling if we refer to the verses of the Qur'an that denounced the act of breaking the bonds.

Imam Muhammad al-Baqir narrated from his father, Ali Zainal 'Abidin, who said: "do not be friends with people who break the bond, because I have found three verses in the Qur'an that condemn the culprit. The three verses are: 1. (QS Muhammad 47: 23) 2. (QS Ar-ra'd 13: 25) 3. (QS Al-Baqarah 2: 27).

Sheikh Abusy narrated from maimun bin Mahram, who said, "Umar bin Abdul aziz has advised me, 'you are brothers with the one who breaks the ropes, for I find in two surahs that Allah swt. Condemn it, ie surah ar-Ra'du and sura Muhammad '. Imam al-Qurtubi argues, it has become the consensus of the people that the law to stay in touch is mandatory and to decide it is haram and includes a great sin.

The ash priest of Zur'ah argues that the person who decides the relationship is worthy of being labeled a bad person. There are some scholars who argue that the stamp is not worthy of being suspected, but what is worthy is the one who renounces goodness (al-ihsan), for this reason, some hadith has explained the command to stay in touch and forbid it to decide. Meeting hospitality is good, while deciding it means leaving goodness.

However, believers will continue to build relationships with their relatives through various means and media that enable them to be implemented. For the primacy and altitude of the relationship are recognized by the Qur'an and the valid sunnah. In addition, he will also try as much as possible not to break the ropes of hospitality, given the Qur'an, an and sunnah preach the bad consequences for those who decide.

Law and Consequences Decide the Brotherhood in Islam
Law and Consequences Decide the Brotherhood in Islam

B. Due to Deciding the Brotherhood

In detail, the reason for prohibiting the breaking of the bond is because it contains the following consequences:

- "Qat'ur womb" (breaking the relationship) is one of the noses of the great sin.

Because, decide the relationship can menghbabkan cracked kinship relationship, remove the affection and invite laknatullah. Allah SWT says which means: "then if you are in power, you will do the damage on earth and sever the kinship relationship? they are the ones who are cursed by God; then made deaf (hearing) and blinded vision. (QS Muhammad 47: 22-23).

Commenting on the above verse, Hasan AL-Basri said that if men have been proud of science, charity, love each other only with oral, hate each other in the chest, and mutually break the bond, Allah will curse them, ignore and blind them .

According to Ibnu Katsir, the meaning of the phrase "to do earth damage and break kinship" is if you are in charge of human affairs, then you will return to a state like in ignorance with all its ignorance, which is like shedding blood and severing kinship ties.

As for al-Maragi, the purpose of the sentence is that if you can lead human affairs and become their ruler, then you will do damage on earth by doing injustice and spill blood and break the relationship, so you hate each other just like in the time of ignorance first. The bad consequence of this is God will
distancing his grace, making his deaf ears so that he can not benefit from what he hears, and blinds his sight so that he can not benefit from what he sees, the verses that are in him and the natural surroundings.

- Deciding the relationship brings the curse of Alllah and plunge the culprit into hell.
Allah SWT says that means:

"And those who violate the promises of God after they have vowed, and decide what God has commanded to be connected and do the damage to the earth, they have received a curse and a bad place of residence (QS Ar-ra'd 13: 25).

The verse shows a deeply sorrowful criticism of the person who decides to make a relationship, for he has decided that something which God says must be connected, so that he deserves a great threat, that is, the curse and hell of jahannam. According to Ibn Kathir, the purpose of the phrase "obtaining a curse is to keep it away from the grace of God, while the meaning of the phrase 'bad place of residence' is Hell.

Ibn Jarir ath-thabari explains the phrase "and decides what is commanded by God to be connected" by repeating the Prophet's hadith, "if you do not walk towards your relatives and and not give him some of your wealth means you have completely terminated his kinship."

Even assertively the Prophet asserts that the person who breaks the bond will not surge as the following hadith which reads:

"From Abu Muhammad jubair ibn Muth'im raa that the Prophet's sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said" will not be the heaven of the one who breaks the bond "(Bukhari and Muslim).

The one who breaks the bond will not enter Paradise, but go to hell, unless he repents to Allah Almighty. And re-establish a relationship with his relatives. In another hadith it is explained that:

"From the ashes of Moses r.a, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said:" three classes that do not go to heaven are: khamar liquor, breaker of relationship and people who believe in magic "(HR Ahmad, Hakim, and Ibn Hibban).

Let not enter Paradise, the smell of heaven from a distance far away will not be allowed for people who break the bond, as the Prophetic hadith that says:

"From Ali k.w. as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "Turn away from you ungodly against the elderly. For, as it is, the fragrance of heaven can be smelled from a distance of a thousand years. However, the scent can not be smelled by the ungodly (to both parents), the one who breaks the bond, the elderly who commits adultery, and the one who walks with a cloth that stretches with arrogant. The only ones who have the right to be arrogant are Allah Almighty. "(HR ad-dailami, al-haitsami, and ibn Asakir).

Allah is not willing to see those who break the bond on the Day of Judgment as the following hadith which explains that: "There are two classes that will not be noticed by Allah later on the Day of Resurrection, namely: the one who breaks the bond, and the bad to his neighbor. (HR ad-Dailami).

- Those who break the bonds are the losers, both in the world and the hereafter.

Allah Almighty says: "Those who break the covenant of God after (the covenant) are affirmed, and decide what God asks to be connected and do the damage on the earth, they are the losers. (Surah Al-Baqarah 2: 27).

In the previous verse that is (QS al-Baqarah 2: 26) mentioned that the person who breaks the bond is a class of people who are ungodly. As in this verse, they are classified as losers. Their situation is just as harmful as those who like to break the covenant and make mischief on earth.

According to Ibn Jarir ath-Tabari, what is meant by "deciding what Allah has commanded to be connected" not only breaks the bonds, but also includes everything that God has commanded to be connected and done, then he decides and leaves it.

As for those who are losers are losers in the hereafter, because, they reduce their own rewards due to his disobedience to God. Their losses are like people who are bengkel in trade.

According to Ibn Abbas, the purpose of loss here is kufr, if it is based on non-Muslims. But when it is based on a Muslim, it means sin. In the book Tanbih al-gafilin there is a hadith which means: "no good deeds are more hastened rewards than (establish) relationships, and no sin is more hastened in the world and in the aftermath of the sins beyond persecution and break the relationship of friendship.

- Deciding the relationship can hinder the turn of grace and disliked by the angels and bring torture immediately.

In a hadith it is mentioned that:

"Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said:" As a matter of fact Allah's Grace will not descend upon a people among whom there is a breaking off of relationships (Bukhari)

"Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said:" The angels will not come down to those who are among them who break the relationship (HR ath-Thabrani and al-haitsami).

Commenting on the hadith, as-samarqandi argues that breaking the bond is a great sin, because it can prevent the coming of God's grace for himself and others. Therefore, people who decide the relationship should immediately repent, beristiqfar and reconnect the relationship of friendship.

In fact, Imam al-Baqir states that people decide the relationship will get a disaster before the concerned death. According to him, there are three acts that the perpetrators will not die before the disaster, namely: menggangkanterhadap truth, break the bond, and swear false.

- The person who breaks the bond will not be accepted by his deeds.

Rasulullah SAW said:

"As a matter of fact human deeds will be revealed on Thursday, Friday night, and unacceptable to the charity of the deceiver of a familial relationship" (HR Ahmad)

In addition to the above bad consequences, breaking the relationship is an indicator of the weakness of one's faith and is one of the signs near the end of the world. The Messenger of Allah said:

"For the soul that is within his dominion, does not believe one of you whose neighbors do not feel secure from his ugliness and the one who breaks the bonds" (HR al-Hakim).

"Some of the signs of the Day of Judgment are those that do evil and define the kinship relationship". (Abu Nu'aim's).

Ibn Abi Syaibah narrated that salman al-farisi raa, once said, "as some of the signs of the end of the apocalypse are (humans) glad to splurge on building the earth, sever kinship, and harm their neighbors.

Besides, there are many other bad consequences of severing relationships, both in the world, especially in the hereafter.

Thank you hopefully useful.

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